Our Mission

“To Better the Lives of Children and Families Living with ADHD”

Our Vision

We parents hope to change people’s perception around ADHD and mental health. This change begins by educating families, in hopes  this will create a positive change for our children. Our group will make these positive changes happen by offering Monthly Support Group Meetings, Annual Fall Parent Workshop, the Annual Walk 4 Kids Mental Health Celebration, and the ADHD World Awareness Day event

Come be a part of our monthly meetings, and learn more about our support ,and how you can be a part of the change in mental health. This support is offered to all people in Kingston and the surrounding area.

Together we can make these changes possible we believe it takes a community to raise our families.
We hope you can be a part of our mission.

25 Good Things About Having ADHD

  1. Lots of energy.
  2. Willing to try things – take risks.
  3. Ready to talk, can talk a lot.
  4. Gets along well with adults.
  5. Can do several things at one time.
  6. Smart.
  7. Need less sleep.
  8. Good sense of humor.
  9. Very good at taking care of younger kids.
  10. Spontaneous.
  11. See details that other people miss.
  12. Understand what it’s like to be teased or to be in trouble so are understanding of other kids.
  1. Can think of different and new ways to do things.
  2. Volunteer to help others.
  3. Happy and enthusiastic.
  4. Imaginative – creative.
  5. Articulate – can say things well.
  6. Sensitive – compassionate.
  7. Eager to make new friends.
  8. Great memory.
  9. Courageous.
  10. More fun to be with than most kids.
  11. Charming.
  12. Warm and loving.
  13. Care a lot about families.